Talk Tracks For The Delay
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Topic: Speaking to the delay (which is minimal for prospects... 1 - 3 seconds MAX)

The Quack Dialer delay is next to none already but we thought this article could be helpful to make that transition easier.

Talk Tracks

When you see the "Connected" status on Quack, the best reaction to this is making sure that you have heard the short "ding" sound we play when you are officially connect with a prospect.

From there you are almost immediately brought in connection with your prospect.

From here you can choose to do the following:

  • Immediately say "Hey" and continue on with you normal script because they have yet to notice any delay

  • Wait to hear if the prospect is mid speaking (which they mostly are not) but you have that option as well

  • Just stay quite and see what happens, who knows, maybe they will just book a meeting with you due to the awkward silence

Happy Dialing!

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