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Call Statuses
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Call task is on the list but has not yet begun dialing


Prospect is next to be dialed & will be initiated shortly


Propect number(s) is currently being dialed


You're connected live! Go book that meeting! ๐Ÿฆ†

Hungup: Voicemail

Dial went to voicemail, Quack completes task & moves prospect through the sequence

Hungup: not first

Quack hung up on prospect because another prospect answered first. Task will not be completed and is moved to the bottom of the call list.

--> ACTION: This task has not yet been completed by Quack. You will have the option to re-dial the prospect at the end of the list, or skip those tasks from within Quack.

Failed: Could not connect / Bad Region

Quack couldn't complete dial due to an invalid #. We recommend you tag the prospect in Outreach/Salesloft as "Bad Number" or "Can't Dial Quack" & skip this task moving forward

--> ACTION: These tasks will not be completed by Quack, manually complete or skip task in your sales engagement platform (Ex. Outreach)

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