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How does Quack work?

Quack automatically imports your call tasks & sequences live from your or Salesloft instance. Then, using our parallel or power dialer you’ll be able to dial up to 6 prospects simultaneously while Quack connects you to the first live human to answer the phone. Quack automatically logs any unanswered calls & will move the respective prospect through the sequence accordingly.

Can two prospects answer at the same time?

What, can’t you talk to 2 people at the same time 😉 – just kidding! Quack has been designed so that this can never happen. When someone clicks answer, it takes Quack a fraction of a millisecond to end the other calls.

What do I have to do manually in Quack?

Once Quack automatically imports your call tasks & sequences, you may choose to select how many parallel dials you’d like to make, then further filter your call lists in Quack (optional).

Quack automatically logs unanswered calls. Answered calls however, must be logged in Quack following the call, which will then be synced right back into your CRM.

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