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Power Dialer
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What is power dialing?

Power dialing is an automated way to rapidly dial through prospects one at a time. Quack will still leverage automatic-voicemail detection & A.I. to auto-log unanswered calls & instantly connect you to the first real human to answer. Once Quack recognizes a voicemail, it will automatically start dialing the next prospect.

When do I use power dialing?

Typically power dialing is used for smaller, more strategic lists. Examples of this could be:

  • Highly engaged leads (Prospects that have answered before)

  • Lists that include numbers with high connect rates

Power dialing is also useful as training wheels for reps that do not feel comfortable with parallel dialing and need more time to set up their processes, like writing down pre-call research into CRM fields and other best practices they have not yet adopted.

For experienced users - if a rep has two screens and they can effectively multi-task while using the fully automated options, a high volume output can be achieved without wasting time watching the screen dial.

What are the auto detect features?

Quack can automatically detect voicemails. If we identify VM machines, we’ll disposition the call, hang up, and move to the next prospect automatically.

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