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Power v. Parallel Dialer Modes
Power v. Parallel Dialer Modes

Here we go into what the benefits and misses each dialer contains so you are aware!

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Power Dialer

  • Allows you to dial one prospect after another without having to wait for a voicemail to be completed making the transition between dials much faster saving you time

  • Easily able to concentrate on the single prospect you are dialing to at that moment

  • Easier way to get in the groove of dialing quicker through a dailer like Quack

Parallel Dialer

  • Ability to dial 2-4 prospects simultaneously

  • By far the fastest way to dial through your list and get to connections

  • For larger lists of prospects, this makes life as an SDR a lot easier

  • Once you get adjusted to dialing with the power dailer, utilizing this dialer is a lot easier

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