Parallel Dialer
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What is parallel dialing?

Parallel dialing is calling multiple numbers simultaneously. Quack’s A.I. is constantly scanning for a real human. By leveraging automatic voicemail detection, Quack will auto-log unanswered calls & instantly connect you to the first real human to answer.

A call will automatically be logged by Quack when it (1) goes to voicemail, (2) prospects hangs up call, (3) prospects phone is busy. Quack will then auto-disposition the call for you, log the activity, and instantly start dialing the next batch of prospects.

What happens when 2 people pick up at the same time?

Quack operates on the law of firsts. We will always connect you with the first person we detect, canceling all other other calls within milliseconds. Based on historically low connect rates, the chances of this occurring are incredibly low.

How is it different from Power Dialing?

Parallel dialing makes calls simultaneously, power dialing calls one at a time in rapid succession. Both parallel dialing & power dialing leverage automative voicemail detection.

How do I use it? How do I change the number of parallel calls?

Within Quack's dialer settings, you'll be able to adjust the amount of dials you'd like to make through Quack. By default, choosing 1 dial will activate the power dialer. By selecting 2+ dials, Quack will automatically activate parallel dialing.

Do you complete the call tasks once dialed? Why aren’t my call tasks being completed?

Quack will complete tasks that result in a fully completed call that either went to a VM or No Answer. Quack will not complete call tasks when encountering

  • Failed: Bad Region

  • Failed: Invalid Number

  • Failed: could not connect

  • Hung up: not first

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