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How to start dialing in Quack

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Quack’s Dialers

In Quack, you’ll have access to two different types of dialing. All of these come with the added support of machine learning to help filter out bad numbers, auto-detect voicemails & and connect you to the first real person to answer.

  1. Power Dialer: Click dial once, Quack will auto-detect voicemails and dial rapidly dial through your list, one at a time. Recommended Uses:

    1. High-connect rates (>10%)

    2. Previously engaged leads

  2. Parallel Dialer: Dials 2-4 prospects simultaneously, auto-voicemail detection will instantly connect you to the 1st prospect to answer & auto drop voicemails to those that don't. Recommended Uses:

    1. Low-connect rates (<10%)

    2. General prospecting for cold prospects

    3. Marketing lead follow-ups

Navigating to the dialer

In the top left you will see a button that says “Dialer Settings” when you click this button it will have a pop up that allows you to choose the type of dialer you want to use.

Choosing a sequence

While you go through the prompts on the dialer setting page. You will see a drop down that allows you to choose your sequence you want to call out of. Here you can search easily for that sequence.

Select which phone number you want to call from

You will also see another dropdown where you will see a list of phone numbers (or just one depending on if you have requested other numbers from Quack). You can pick one at a time to call from. Contact [email protected] to acquire additional numbers.

Select your number of dials

Quack allows you complete flexibility by easily shifting between power and parallel dialers.

By default, 1 dial at a time activates the power dialer by default.

To activate parallel dialing, choose to call multiple numbers at once. We recommend starting with 2 dials at a time, and increasing this based on your connect rate.

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