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Task not completing

If you aren't seeing tasks being completed within your SEP platform. Use this article for support.

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Are you not seeing your tasks being completed within your SEP platform? There are several reasons this could be happening:

Task moved to bottom Quack of list due to Hung-Up not first status.

Specifically for parallel dialing, if you are calling multiple prospects at once and one of them answers before the other calls can reach their respective prospects voicemails, Quack will hang up those dials & move the task to the end of your call list. This task will not yet be completed. Once you reach the bottom of the call list, you have the option to call that prospect again. Alternatively, you can skip this task to avoid calling the prospect multiple times (personal preference)

Sync delay

If you have call recording enabled in Quack, it can take up to 2 minutes for the task to be updated in your SEP. If after 5 minutes your task has still not appeared as completed, and the call log isn't visible within your SEP, submit a ticket through our live chat feature. Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected]

Call not logged

After ending a call with a prospect, be sure to log the call within Quack to ensure the prospect moves through the sequence.

Prospect has multiple tasks due

Depending on your SEP platform, your prospect could have several call tasks due at the same time.

(1) One-Off task created by an SEP click/open trigger (i.e. Call task created when prospect opens or clicks an email 3+ times).

(2) Sequence call task coming due.

Quack will bring in both of these tasks if they exist. They will appear as 2 separate tasks in Quack. The prospect will only move through the sequence once the "sequence call task" is completed. Completing a one-off call task will not move the prospect through the sequence.

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