Increase Your Connect Rate

Topic: How to increase your connect rate with prospects you are power/parallel dialing

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1. Swap your provided phone number

You should be rotating your phone number at least once a quarter to reduce your chances of being marked as spam. You're provided a free number by Quack when you sign-up, and have the ability to swap it out whenever you'd like. You can do this through submitting a ticket (Intercom chat), or emailing us at [email protected]

2. Don't dial Invalid Numbers

Remember to reduce the amount of "Bad Number" prospects you have in your sequence, this will push for better data quality in the prospects you are dialing in Quack. Whenever you come across an invalid number in Quack that could not connect, mark it as such within your SEP. This will allow you to skip these tasks, or filter them out in Quack.

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