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Failed and Bad Regions
Failed and Bad Regions
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When making dials through Quack, you might come across these call status' every so often:

Failed: could not connect

If you haven't rotated your VoIP number in a few months then service providers might begin to block your calls. If your number is spam filtered out, you will see this status. It's normal for this to happen every so often, as some people have adopted highly restrictive settings for who can call them. However, if you start to see 10% or more of your calls failing to connect, we recommend requesting a new VoIP number for free through Quack.

You can request a new number by submitting a ticket through Quack's live chat support, or by emailing us at [email protected]

Failed: Bad Region

Certain regions don't allow for parallel dialing, and while Quack leverages Twilio for outbound dialing, we follow the GDPR regulations set in place by them. For example, calls made into Germany may fail if using parallel dialing.

You are not likely to come across this status unless you are dialing into certain EU countries.

Failed: Invalid Number

If a prospects number is no longer valid, meaning they have cancelled their service or switched to a new number, you will get this error. If possible, we recommend marking this number as "invalid" within your SEP to avoid dialing it again.

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