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Topic: Article on the best way to book have more convos with Quack

Not having as many conversations on Quack as you want? Well you found the right place to get it together.


Lets start with something I am sure you love to see. Data is the key to almost anything but the thing is it is a blessing and a curse at the same time. You may have great or bad data.

If you are seeing a ton of "Error"'s statuses on Quack then you may have bad data within the integration you are connected to Quack with. We find that you will not be able to dial them anyways in your CRM or SEP.

Time Of Day

This one totally depends on the type of prospects you are calling, except the majority of picks up typically can occur at the start of the end of the day. When people are not in meetings and busy with their days.

Choosing what works best for you is what is needed here though. It will help make the most out of Quack and the number of conversations you have on a normal basis.


Your Ideal Customer Profile can help aid you in the way your dial success goes. It helps you strategically call and book meetings with folks that you may never have thought you could book a meeting with. Maybe even a CEO!

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