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General call list, sequence and cadence functionality

  • Quack pulls tasks that are listed as due or past due and are assigned to you in the given CRM. Prior to loading a cadence, sequence or list into Quack, verify that the cadence, sequence, or list Tasks that are being loaded show as “DUE” or “PAST DUE”, and are assigned to you.

  • It is also important to verify that the Tasks relate to 'Calls' as opposed to email or other prospect contact methods. *Please note: Quack only pulls in Call tasks.

  • The Task is not in the user's name. (It belongs to a different user)

  • The User has filters applied in Quack which prevent them from seeing the entire list.

  • There are too many tasks in the call list. We don't recommend trying to load over 500 tasks in a list. Quack will pull tasks from oldest to newest. We recommend filtering down "All" type lists (All Cadence Due, All Sequence Due) to a few sequences, cadences, or reports you'd like to work on or pulling the specific list to help minimize the number of tasks being loaded at once.

  • Quack won't show every task for a prospect if we find more than one task for them. So if a prospect had 3 one-off tasks we'd only show 1 in Quack until it was completed and then we'd pull the next one in.

  • The task you are looking for is a "One Off Task". One Off Tasks have their own list! If a task is a part of a sequence, or cadence you will not find the task here, this includes follow-ups created off a cadence, or sequence.

  • After completing the previous above verifications, Quack may need to be “REFRESHED” to make ensure that all DUE CALL TASKS are properly loaded.

  • If you delete a sequence in Outreach and it has already due tasks that you haven't deleted/marked complete, the task will stay despite the sequence itself being deleted.

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