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Incoming / Inbound Calls

How to set up inbound calls and what is actually going on with Quack when it happens.

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Setting up an inbound number in Quack will re-route any callbacks that the prospect makes to your Outbound number to the number that has been verified for receiving calls.

Setting up Inbound Dialing

Step 1: Navigate to "User Settings" & click "Update"

Step 2: Input the number you'd like to receive inbound calls from, and select your verification method (SMS or Call). This could be a VoIP number or a personal mobile number.

Step 3: Click "Add Number" and input the verification code you received via SMS or Call.

You're good to go! If a prospect now tries to call back any of the outbound numbers you call from, the dial will be re-routed to your inbound number. You can update or delete your inbound number at any time.

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